THE JOURNEY OF A PRODUCT – From Idea To Implementation

Before your tailor made products are delivered on your business’ doorstep, we make sure we understand really well what you need. To start with, we conduct a situation scan in combination with some research concerning the materials needed, after which we provide you with an initial budget. Then, after the product has been designed, we create samples and evaluate them together with you, providing room for some adaptations making sure your needs are met. Once you are happy with the samples, we provide you with a final budget including warehousing and delivery options. Production is set in motion and before you know it your products are on its way.

Design consultancy – we help translate your brand experience into a plastic-free packaging design, making sure your sustainability marketing strategy is implemented throughout your value chain .

Production – We source the highest quality materials and use the appropriate production facilities to produce your design with the most balanced price-quality ratio.

Storage & Distribution – At our fulfillment centers in the Netherlands as well as in the USA we offer customized solutions for inventory management and delivering directly to your stores or outlets on short notice.