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Dependent research shows…

It is clear that we, as a producer of disposables and packaging made from natural (residual) materials, are not in favor of single-use plastic. We are therefore not independent and we therefore preach for our own parish. I’ll just say it!

However, my motivation to start a company that produces green disposables is something that concerns us all. It is tangible, it is visible to everyone, it is everywhere and it is truly a great disaster. I’m talking about the gigantic global pollution of our planet due to the use of plastic. A fact, not fake news. It is everywhere, in our water, in our food, in the ocean, in the ground, you can find plastic everywhere and this disaster is still getting bigger and bigger every year. The world needs green alternatives before we literally drown in plastic slurry.

I am also concerned about the use of fossil fuels and their extraction and refining. I am concerned about the dirty large-scale production of plastic and I am concerned about the very low plastic recycling rate. I worry about plastic as fuel after use. I’m concerned about the underpriced plastic and the hidden costs paid by the public. I am concerned about the ever increasing production of plastic. I am concerned about the export of unprocessable plastic waste abroad and I am concerned about the import of plastic waste intended for incineration. To be honest, I’m already worried when I hear the word plastic.

Anyway, as I said, I’m not independent, so it may sound a bit biased from my mouth. So perhaps what I am most concerned about are all the independent specialists, scientists, consultants and other experts who, under the guise of independence, are spreading a veritable stream of plastic propaganda in the form of LCAs, reports, analyzes and articles. I now even read that plastic is better for our planet than green 100% natural alternatives, yes bye, it shouldn’t get any crazier now.

I can still understand that they consider plastic a panacea, it pays their bills. However, I do not understand why they are increasingly putting their words to the test by criticizing green alternatives. Lately I have also seen a correlation between the tightened European legislation and the fiercer tone towards innovation, which I think is a very bad thing. First you make a big mess of our planet and then when entrepreneurs arise with innovative alternatives, you try to hide your own shortcomings by choosing the attack, supposedly backed by science.

As long as there is no stop to the production of plastic, as long as the majority of plastic is made from fossil fuels, as long as plastic recycling is in most cases still a way of green washing, as long as you see plastic waste all around you and as long as microbeads (very small particles of plastic) show up in our food, in our drinks and even in our own bodies, all those so-called experts can talk all they want (exuzes le mot) but it’s not their turn, well first your junk!

There is nothing more sustainable than packaging or disposables made from a plant or natural residual material. You don’t have to believe me, but at least I’m not saying I’m independent.

Some more independent comments:

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