Natural Cups

Natural Cups is a line of premium disposable cups made of paper (inside), craft (outside) and PLA inner coating. These coffee cups are 100% biodegradable. Natural Cups are practical in use, as its double walls keep in the heat from of the beverage longer than a regular single use cup.

The biggest issue with regular coffee cups is that even though the cups are made of paper, the inner lining is often made of plastic. This plastic is almost impossible to separate from the wall of the cup which means the materials cannot be properly recycled. When they are burnt this results in even more air pollution.

You know what’s cool about our Natural Cups? Its design and sustainable character will help you increase the reputation of your brand and strengthen your social responsibility policy.

At, we want to phase out plastics by providing the natural alternative to plastic disposables. Our products are eco-friendly: made from organic, renewable sources. Examples of these materials are naturally shed palm leaves that are heat pressed into palm leaf plates, calledHampi. Our Symbiose collection is made of sugarcane bagasse, a material made from sugarcane bi-products. Our disposable cups aremade from paper, without plastic lining. We are proud to be a producer and supplier of sustainable alternative disposable tableware. Let’s #phaseoutplastic together, are you in?