Hilton – #PhasingOutPlastic

Another large player in the hospitality industry is taking a stand against plastic. By the end of this year Hilton Hotels is planning to eliminate the use of plastic straws at all their locations across Asia Pacific. In the meanwhile they will also transition away from the use of plastic water bottles in their meeting and event spaces.

The move to start phasing out plastic is part of Hilton’s commitment to halve its environmental footprint by 2030 as well as double its social investment by the same year. Other goals that are included in their commitment are the reduction of carbon emission by 61%, water consumption and waste , both by 50%.

Phasing out plastic disposables doesn’t entail the complete elimination of a certain product as the market offers many natural alternatives for plastic products. For example plastic straws can easily be replaced by a wide range of compostable alternatives made from; paper, PLA, Mater-Bi or even a wheat straw J

We applaud the Hilton Hotels initiative and dare other corporations to follow in their footsteps. Together we are able to phase out single use plastic. To make it easier to phase out plastic, at Disposables.bio we will be expanding our drinking straw assortment over the coming months.