Your beauty products are about to change very soon.

Environment Canada’ began studying the impact plastic microbeads (found in several beauty products) has on the wildlife and environment in March 2015. The microbeads were officially declared toxic in June of this year.

The federal government says they will ban the sale of personal hygiene products containing plastic microbeads in Canada as off July 1, 2018.

The issue with microbeads is that they do not dissolve in water and are too small to be caught in the water filter system leading to them ending up in our oceans. This means fish and other marine life will consume the small plastic particle and eventually kill them.

The ban on the sale of this type of beauty care is, therefore, a victory for our oceans, rivers and lakes. Products such as shower gel, toothpaste and scrub product are covered by the ban.

The next step towards saving our oceans is to ban Microspheres, found in natural health products and non-prescription drugs, on July 1, 2019.