Why Do Birds Eat Plastic?

This certainly doesn’t come as a novelty to you: sea birds eat plastic. You might already know they mistake plastic for food, but that’s not all… it’s actually the odor that makes them eat it! Birds travel across oceans to find their prey, tracing them down by identifying the smell of a chemical called DMS that is being released by the cells of marine algae when fish eat it. DMS is the “dinner bell” for birds. The problem start when plastic floats into the ocean and algae start to growing on it. Plastic becomes surrounded with high levels of DMS making sea birds eating it, instead of avoiding it.

We see many initiatives cleaning up rivers, beaches and oceans, which is great. What if we – at the same time – could tackle the problem at the root, preventing plastic from ever ending up in the water? Let’s transition into more responsible behaviour. At Natural Tableware, we design and produce products made of natural materials that don’t do any harm to nature. By doing so, we offer you an easy, all-natural alternative to plastic disposables. Because nothing beats nature!