What do durable disposable tableware tell us about a company?

More and more foodservice companies choose to work with sustainable disposables. Obviously this is a development that is openly celebrated by us at Disposables.bio! Especially a lot of street food vendors serve there delicious snacks and dishes on compostable disposable tableware. On large gastronomic events, restaurants also choose the eye-catching design plates of our brands Symbiose by The Jane, Sucadrops, Hampi and so on.

But what does this tell us? One could most likely assume that companies that make use of the green alternative would also let this transcend onto other parts of their business, for example the ingredients for their meals. These are conscious entrepreneurs that understand that the value and result are dependent on the complete picture; nobody is willing to pay top dollar for a biological hamburger on a plastic plate. These are entrepreneurs that don’t worry about short term gain but invest in a long term sustainable world.

If the use of durable disposable tableware positively highlights the way a company is run, than it also has to work the other way around. Companies that continue their operations with the cheapest and most polluting options will also do that with their ingredients and will do anything to keep costs as low as possible, even if that means quality has to suffer because of it. They’ll be on the losing side in the long run and when the decision is being made to switch, the damage to the reputation has already been done and is beyond repair.

Next time you feel like some fries pay attention, will you choose frozen fries in plastic or for fresh in a compostable container? .. We’d know 🙂