We need a wave of change.

The last decade has produced more plastic than in the entire twentieth century. At this moment, we produce over 250 million tons of plastic per year. Half of this is only used once and then discarded.

But almost all the plastic ever made in the world still exists. Is estimated that each year 4.7 million tons of plastic go into the sea. This means there is now in almost all seas and rivers in the world of plastic waste, even in the most remote areas that were untouched until recently.

By the tides, plastic is broken down by sunlight and salt into tiny particles. Fish see these tiny particles of plastic for food and will die because they cannot digest the plastic. Birds eat fish and also die. Sea turtles drown because they sink by the weight of the plastic to the seabed eaten.

We are against plastic pollution (in our oceans)! Join in and help against plastic pollution in the oceans in 2017. Our disposables are completely green and biodegradable, so they are not harmful to the animals in our oceans. Go green!