The brands of offers a wide range of biodegradable disposables to the best prices. Disposable plates, disposable bowls, disposable cutlery and bamboo utensils to mention a few. offers a number of brands, most of them are brands created by the company itself. Our bestseller brands are Sucadrop, Hampi, Symbiose, Chefs’ Freedom and our range of “house brands” Natural Tableware, Natural Cutlery and Natural Cups. We also offer brands which we have created in collaboration with our factory in China, Purebagasse and Truewood.

Since these brands are our own design and we can control the manufacturing process closely we are able to offer these high quality reference for the best price possible.

The brands that origin from China are disposables made of bagasse, sugar cane fiber, such are disposable plates, disposable bowl, disposable cutlery and bamboo utensils.

Hampi is our palm leaf plate brand manufactured in our privately owned factory in southern India.

Are you looking for the natural alternative? Then is the place to be offering nicely designed biodegradable disposables for the lowest prices.