veel suca drops

SUCADROPS for a drop of elegance

Our disposables make for the best natural tableware! It is not only about the aspect of sustainability, as they are made out of 100% natural materials, but the added value also comes from the unrivaled design and durability.

SUCADROPS is one of our bestsellers. This line of disposable tableware was designed by Annelies Hermsen, one of the best (food) designers in The Netherlands, in close collaboration with chefs, making sure their specific needs and requirements are met.

Sucadrops is great for chefs because it passes all temperature tests: it performs well in high temperatures in combi-ovens as well as in colder degrees of refrigerator and freezer units.

When planning a dinner, our disposable tableware becomes the chef’s canvas. The tableware adds value to the experience and allows you to tell your story!