Spotlight: Hampi

Made out of naturally fallen palm leaves, our own brand Hampi’s diposable plates are 100% natural. This is a great reason to put this wonderful brand in the spotlight!

7 times a year, the Indian Areca palm tree naturally sheds its leaves, after which these are colelcted and kept in our so called Leaf Bank. These leaves are than used to make the disposable plates from the Hampi brand and characteristic shapes are created by a heat press. These natural, disposable palm leaf plates are the, added, last stop before they can be given back to the earth, as these disposable plates are 100% compostable.

If you’re living in The Netherlands or if you’re a BBQ fanatic, you might have seen our disposable palm leaf plates on RTL4’s Grillmasters. Strong, impacable design, 100% compostable en no negative impact on the environment; these are the characteristics of our Hampi disposable plates!

Is your interest in the natural, disposable plates from Hampi piqued? browse through the entire selection on!