Purebagasse; 100 % sustainable

Pure Bagasse stands for pure and affordable eco-friendly disposables made from natural bagasse (sugarcane) fibres with a classic look and feel.

Bagasse, better known as sugarcane pulp, is the residue after the processing of sugarcanes. Most of the time this residual matter is reluctantly burnt, while it could serve a much better purpose. By producing beautifully designed disposable tableware out of this pulp we can give this material one last purpose before it is given back to the earth and fully composted.

By doing this we reduce the emission of CO2 because the pulp isn’t burnt, and at the same time we produce beautiful and strong disposable tableware whilst positively impacting our environment.

Luzhou, as one of China’s largest qualified accomplished disposables producers in the world, and Disposables.bio, the European online platform of solely biodegradable disposables, is keen to become the #1 distributor in the Europe of biodegradable disposables made from bagasse (sugarcane) and by doing so contribute to a more sustainable world