Plastic: Mission Possible

In recent years many organizations and initiatives have popped up that will enable us to reduce the use of plastic while cleaning up our littered environment. Plastic Whale in Amsterdam is one of these organizations that take action against plastic. They are the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. During the five years, they have been active they have collected enough plastic from the Amsterdam canals to literally build a fleet of 6 design boats that a made of the plastic waste collected. Their goal is to ‘go out of business’ to overfish all the plastic in the canals.

Plastic Whale aims to involve the community in various ways, you can either join a plastic fishing trip on the canals, spread the word, create your own products made of plastic waste, support their school program or start your own plastic fishing company.

We find this to be a fun and meaningful activity that you can do with your friends and family, colleagues or get on board to meet new people with similar environmental values as you.