We often forget that it might not be clear to many that our products are single-use. Repeatedly we get the question, can we use it again? Or even, can we put it in the dishwasher?

At first glance, our white bagasse plates very much look like porcelain which can be confusing. The high quality and design aspect of our brands Natural Tableware, Chefs’ Freedom and Sucadrops makes them look very similar to porcelain.

We see this porcelain resemblance as a strength, for a single-use to have the design and sturdiness of porcelain while having a good impact on the environment. The compostability of the products makes them more sustainable then rental porcelain, lighter with a more convenient transportation solution, no need for water consumption and use of chemicals in washing processes and a more sustainable production process.

Our bagasse disposables makes the transition from porcelain to disposables more convenient and easy for the user. Many caterers and events are so used to using porcelain they have forgotten there is a better more convenient and more sustainable substitute.

We advise all high volume users to make the transitions to compostable bagasse plates instead of using heavy, breakable porcelain.