Nothing Beats Nature a Live Performance

It was time to mix things up…

People are still ignoring the exponentially growing plastic problem the world faces. This is why The Jane Antwerp, Marisa Papen and Natural Tableware joined forces for a “One Night Only (stand)” performance to make a statement that will last at the large culinary event Antwerpen Proeft; an event organization that’s been a loyal partner of 5 years already, and counting..

“Nothing Beats Nature” was a live performance that took place on Saturday evening at Antwerpen Proeft with the purpose to increase awareness about the current situation of plastic pollution, a manmade global problem. Nick prepared a 2-star dish in the purest way, on the naked body of Marisa in front of hundreds of amazed spectators in the AEG cooking theatre.

For a small donation, which went directly to Mission Blue, the lucky ones closest to the spectacle were able to taste the dish directly off the international models’ naked body.

How did we get here? Below you’ll find some background information about the three parties:

Natural tableware is a social enterprise designing and producing sustainable disposable tableware. By offering the natural alternative to plastic we are on a mission to phase out plastic disposables. Plastic is one of the fastest growing polluters in the world, when not being disposed of in the proper way the plastic often ends up as landfill and floating around in the oceans, endangering animal life and the quality of life for generations to come.

This needs to change, we can no longer close our eyes hoping someone else will take care of the problem, the only way we will defeat this is if we work together.

Marisa Papen, international model and plastic pollution activist has taken it upon her to raise awareness and funds to support a plastic free world. With her cause Plastic Sushi she is raising funds which is being donated to the international environmental organization Mission Blue. One of her latest actions in collecting funds was photographing a yearly calendar with photos of herself in various polluted environments.

Nick Bril, the 2 star chef and owner of infamous restaurant The Jane Antwerpen is an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Always on the run with a busy scheduling juggling his passion for food, running The Jane and perusing his career in music, DJ-ing at events all over the world. Nick has been a loyal user of Natural Tableware for years and is one of the ambassadors for our brands. Last year, The Jane and Natural Tableware partnered up to create a new line of disposables tableware, Symbiose by The Jane, available this spring.