Natural Cups – The Natural Way of Drinking Coffee

Natural Cups are the latest addition to our assortment! These disposable cups are of the highest quality and 100% biodegradable.

Natural Cups, or premium ripple cups are double walled with a PLA inner lining making them the most sustainable option when it comes to single use coffee cups.

The biggest issue with regular coffee cups is that even though the cups are made from paper the inner lining is often plastic. This plastic is almost impossible to separate from the wall of the cup which means the materials cannot be properly recycled, needs to be burned which results in even more air pollution.

Both materials in Natural Cups are made from biodegradable materials and are therefore the far better alternative. Moreover, the design of Natural Cups is unrivalled. The high quality and the low price will make you want to replace all your other single use cups, maybe even the porcelain.

Get your hands on Natural Cups on!