It starts with a (disposable)plate!

Our disposable plates made of palm leaves, sugarcane fiber and paper are 100% compostable and are produced with zero-waste, as opposed to the disposable plates that are made of plastic.

The disposable plates made of palm leaves from our own brand Hampi are strong and durable. The disposable plates are produced in our own factory in India en are made of naturally fallen palm leaves. These state-of-the-art designed disposable plates are also seen on episodes of the popular Dutch show Grillmasters on RTL4!

The brand Sucadrops entails beautifully designed, drop shaped disposable plates made out of sugarcane fiber. This material is usually burnt right away, by producing disposable plates we give this material a final purpose before it can be returned to the earth, as it is 100% compostable.

Next to this we also offer paper disposable plates with a timeless design.

So, are you looking for disposable plates? Stop looking for disposable plates, as you will find the perfect disposable plates on