In Store Now, Symbiose 20-packs

Last week, the long awaited moment was there; the first shipment of our latest brand Symbiose by The Jane reached shore. Due to the high demand and long list of pre-orders all the 50-packs are already spent! Not too worry though, more is on its way. For now, there’re ample 20-packs to go around, so make sure you get your hands on the hottest sustainable disposable tableware out there! Get your Symbiose on our web shop today. Orders placed before 14.00 will be sent the same day.

Symbiose by The Jane is a line of high-end sustainable disposable tableware; the result of a collaboration between Natural Tableware, two start Chef Nick Bril from restaurant The Jane Antwerp and Yaara Landau-Katz of designer agency One & Many.

The collection consists of 4 references, all significantly adding value to each dish in your menu, from amuse all the way to dessert. The elegant and round design of the tableware gives room for creative plating and versatility in which plate to use for what dish. Three out of the four references are bowls; the perfect hybrid plate. The forth reference is a top/side plate which can be used to add a surprising element in your presentation.