Happy holidays!

At this time of the year we feel inspired to communicate an important message!

What do the holidays mean to you? For us, this time of the year stands for union and gratitude. Unite with those that are dear to you and express gratitude to each other and for the year that is just coming to an end. Also, cheers to the new one that’s coming!

During these festive celebrations we want to keep nature in mind as well. Nature has been the main source for our products and is the reason for our mission of phasing out plastic. By making use of nature’s natural waste material and by replacing plastic with these natural alternatives, we build a circular supply chain. These green, compostable and biodegradable materials are turned into the most beautiful designs, showing us that nothing beats what nature has to offer.

We work towards a plastic free future by co-creating lasting experiences, in collaboration with you, helping you to find the best solutions for your concept or event. We create Disposables.bio sustainable and good looking end products, also in co-creation with you, sharing our industry experience and helping you communicate your sustainable message.

Can we inspire you to think about how you can take care of the planet a little bit better? What can you do during the holiday season to prevent waste from ending up in nature? How will you help us phase out plastic? Let us know!