Focus on Green!

Coming Monday, the NPO will start their themed ‘Focus on Green’ week, where new and existing programs evolve around environment and pollution. On Monday the 10th, NOS broadcast will be about the National Durability day and during the rest of the week, NPO 2 will show an array of programs that are should burst a lot of bubbles regarding this topic and the severity of the current state.

The NPO has a free ‘Green App’ which will be specially tuned to this weeks broadcasting, is filled with a tip from famous Dutch people and special challenges for everyone that show how green you are and what you can do to improve that. Network manager Gijs van Beuzekom said: “A green and durable future is something we all deem important, but it’s not a given.”

That a future like that isn’t a given is becoming clearer by the minute, but this can only improve when everyone realizes the importance and stop seeing it as a hoax or something we can worry about tomorrow. It’s a present-day issue that needs to be acted upon before the entire ship has sailed.

Contribute to a greener future, start small by replacing you plastic disposables by natural disposable tableware made of palm leaf, bagasse, bamboo, FSC wood and PLA. Educate yourself more about the green alternatives that are, largely, available and join the war on plastic!