F*ck off with your environment!

One of the programs that is airing during NPO’s focus on the green week is called (literally translated from Dutch) “F*ck off with your environment!”. This program evolves around a group of people that have different personalities and views on the current status of the environment. This group is confronted with the polluting effects of our way of life; they’ll be cleaning polluted sewers, cooking from trashcans, living in a home that is continuously filled with the waste they produce and examine the insides of a bird that is filled with plastic!

The individuals all have a different outlook on the environment; one thinks there’s not much going on, the other considers themself to be an environmental activist and another believes you can’t contribute as an individual.

This is promised to be a good watch with this many different outlooks and will also bring some new perspectives and hopefully calls to action.

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