Disposable tableware that’s actually too nice to dispose of.

We often hear that the disposable tableware from Disposables.bio is too nice to dispose of. Does that say something about our disposable plates and disposable cutlery? Or about the visually displeasing, environmentally unfriendly disposables that you can find in supermarkets etcetera?

We think it’s a combination of the two! Our disposable tableware is made of 100% natural materials like bamboo, sugarcane pulp and palm leaf, which has a greater appeal as it is. Next to this, our disposable cups, disposable plates and the rest of the disposable tableware is designed by renowned designers.

In comparison to a flimsy plastic plate, a disposable palm leaf plate or disposable bamboo plate obviously prevails! And here’s the kicker .. you won’t have any impact on the environment if you dispose of the plates or disposable cutlery, and should you have served something dry like bread on the plate, you can reuse it for example as a fruit bowl.