Can your disposable tableware go in the green container?

A frequently asked question at is whether our disposable tableware can be disposed of in the green container, and the answer is yes! All of our disposable plates, disposable cups and disposable cutlery from is compostable. This means that used natural resources can be broken down by natural processes within a matter of weeks.

What remains of the disposable cutlery is compost. In reality, dependent on your government, not all of the green waste is composted. More often it will disappear into a burning oven and will be transformed into so called biomass. This is still way better than the disposable tableware made of fossil fuels.

The most fun thing to do is to create a compost container or pile yourself (should you have sufficient room for this). You’ll find tips regarding this topic here:

We know all too well that it gives you a great feeling when you transform your disposable plates into compost, which than can be used as nutrition for your plants or lawn.