Brasserie 2050 X Rabobank #phaseoutplastic

This year Lowlands festival made it possible to taste the future! Brasserie 2050, an initiative by Rabobank, was a pop-up restaurant on the festival terrain that served food using the ingredients that will be available for us in 2050, when we have to be able to feed 10 billion people. Part of Rabobank’s sustainability efforts and their slogan “Growing a better world together”, Brasserie 2050 was a successful attempt to open up our eyes to the future with its challenges and opportunities. The restaurant was made from recycled and recyclable materials, powered by a huge rechargeable battery.

The dishes served were all inspired by brasserie classics, boeuf bourguignon, salad nicoise, ravioli and crème Brulee, made with a twist. In 2050 many of the meat and fish components will have been replaced by vegetables like potatoes, celery, lupine and soy. Even caviar will be replaced with seaweed. A suggested replacement for meat in the classic steak tartar is watermelon and paprika. All dishes were sold including CO2 added tax.

Together with The food line-up, a company that creates sustainable catering concepts, Brasserie 2050 successfully showed not only how you can serve high-quality food on compostable disposables, but also how afterwards these products can be processed in a composting machine.