Before The Flood

Recently the movie “Before the Flood” by Leonardo DiCaprio was released.

DiCaprio has been involved in environmental activism for years to show people how serious the consequences of climate change are. The documentary highlights changes that are already underway.

“Before the flood” is about how the Earth is changing, and we’re just watching it. “It remains difficult to get through to the general public, and so it was time for a movie”, Leonardo says.

For the film, DiCaprio enlisted the help of documentary Fisher Stevens, who was previously involved with Racing Extinction and made the famous film The Cove, about the dolphin hunt along the Japanese coast. Together they travelled to the world, China and India (facing a fast-growing industrialization), the island republic of Kiribati (threatened by rising sea level), Sumatra (where rainforest is destroyed for agriculture) and the Arctic (a known location for environmentalists).

This movie is a must-see, displaying evidence that our way of living and consumer lifestyle is affecting the planet and climate. aims to phase out plastic, one of the most polluting and destructive materials we use, and it is everywhere. Climate change is real and humans are the biggest influencer, we caused many of the issues we are facing today meaning we also have the power to change them.