A Hampi state of mind

We’re on a mission! We are going to #phaseoutplastic. How do we do it? We are adding new products to disposables.bio. With these disposable items of high quality and unrivalled in design, we aim to create a single-use, lasting dining experiences.

HAMPI Products are based on a simple yet brilliant idea: using naturally shed palm bark to create a wide range of natural designed disposable tableware. The palm bark is heat pressed into the right shape and size, without using any toxic chemicals or waxes in the process, resulting in a 100% natural and compostable palm leaf plate. The technique was developed in South of India, where circular living is a natural way of life, a lifestyle we think everyone should adopt. What we mean with “a Hampi state of mind” is to enjoy life, while limiting your waste and reducing your environmental footprint. Our natural leaf plates are a perfect example of this philosophy. After use you can simply throw them away, but make sure it’s either in a bin or on a compost heap!

The positive social and environmental impact? Our Hampi production has helped to strengthen the local economy in the Indian villages by providing long term employment for 200 employees in our factory. Our collaboration with micro-entrepreneurs has enabled the locals to generate their own income and build a business.

At disposables.bio, we want to phase out plastics by providing the natural alternative to plastic disposables. Our products are eco-friendly: made from organic, renewable sources. Examples of these materials are naturally shed palm leaves that are heat pressed into palm leaf plates, called Hampi. Our Symbiose collection is made of sugarcane bagasse, a material made from sugarcane bi-products. Not to mention our disposable cups, made from paper, and without a plastic lining. We are proud to be a producer and supplier of sustainable alternative disposable tableware. Let’s #phaseoutplastic together, are you in?